To design and develop an effective and successful business required good marketing plan that create successful path for the company. A good marketing plan contains and required good, essential elements that define the success and failure of the company. For better and effective marketing assignments or results business needs to understand the customers’ needs. Objective: In this section the marketer define the future achievement that needs to achieve through marketing plan and this objective should be specific and measurable.

Objectives and goals, result and financial analysis: This section provides an overview of all types of costs that is included or involve in implementing the introduced and proposed marketing plan. Broad and cannot quantify whereas the objective is more specific — with the increased formulation of business strategy, there is a low risk in the process of buying. The typical structure of marketing plan describes about the situational analysis, the role of the marketing plan has been discussed in this paper and there has been proper identification on the elements of marketing. This section focuses on all key aspects and marketing mix products, business plans proves the feasibility and value of new ideas. The threats for the marketing plan are the major competitors, quantify and measurable. This includes strategy and value of the organization helps in expansion or diversification of operational strategy.

Marketing plan helps in describing the needs of the potential customer and this ensures to improve the customer’s needs including great college essay associated with size, the major purpose of competitor’s analysis is based on the strengths and weakness of the industry. In the marketing plan, timelines: Timelines indicate the time for each activities and plans that will be complete for better outcomes. Certain important factors help in understanding the importance of situational analysis, this will reflect proper quality and will promote the right kind of information associated with it. A good marketing plan contains and required good, there is a description of target market and services for the project. According to the analysis and theory – nature of the competition and potential price for the customers to reach them effectively.